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I will tell you about what hard or easy in constructions of parallel lines, perpendicular lines, congruent line segments, perpendicular bisector and more.
-I think sometimes it simple and straight forward about what we should draw.
-I think it easy because sometimes it can be easy predicted.

-Sometimes you need to do it perfectly or else it will look wrong.
-I think it hard because sometimes it can be so complex.

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I think it okay about math because normally i think math is hard and i also fail a lot a math but it think what i just learn is okay and i think i will past the test this year. :D


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Core math

Percentages as fraction 121%=----                                                   Cancelling:  ----  = -----                       100                                                                       100        2.  64%=----                                                      Cancelling :   ----  = -----              100                                                                            100         3.  120%=----                                                    Cancelling: ----  = -----               100                                                                       100       
4.  55%=----                                                      Cancelling: ----  = -----              100                                                                         100       
5.  75%=----                                                      Cancelling: ----  = -----